Who is Hurricane….
Most would agree Hurricane lives up to her name.
Adventurous as the wind is wild!
And if you really have to ask, yes, it is her real name!
Professional Equestrian
Hurricane grew up riding and quickly fell in love with galloping and jumping. She’s had her hand in the horse world for the majority of her life. From jumping into water obstacles, galloping over 6′ steeple chase fence to starting young Thoroughbreds for the race track and branding cattle and western dressage.  She competed at the international level in eventing and moved on to teaching and training and stable management for more than 20 years.
Professional Pet and Home Concierge
Extending from her 20+ years in the Equestrian world, Hurricane is also a trusted and knowledgeable pet sitter. From Horses, to cats and dogs, she is dependable and caring. She is very experienced with animal vet and healthcare (having worked for a veterinarian and also owning animals) and has a keen eye always on safety. She has successfully managed large horse stables of over 40+ horses, and also cared for 2-8 horses of her own at home. All equestrian care duties from mucking, feeding, watering, grooming, riding and just quality time getting a pat are practically in her blood! References are available.
Connoisseur Chocolate Maker
Since 2015, Hurricane has been creating clever batches of dark chocolate. She studied with Ecole Chocolat and is a Master Chocolate maker. Selecting cacao beans for their creative flair and working from bean to bar. Chocolate is available in Castle Rock and available to deliver anywhere within Colorado.
Inspiring Daredevil 
Let’s just say, with a name like Hurricane Coast, it’s almost a duty to live life to the fullest and experience fun and maybe crazy things*! The list includes hang gliding, heli skiing, flying planes, speed skating, swimming with sharks and many other adventures not yet made. She’s also been an international tour guide by bike.
*though she’s terrible at karaoke.
Geek with Maps
Hurricane has been involved with community building in OpenStreetMap  since 2009. She has helped build mapping parties from Colorado to Seattle and around the globe. She helped organize the annual international conference for OSM in Denver, Amsterdam, Girona and Japan.
To contact Hurricane, you can emailtwitter, FaceBook, or skype at hurricanecoast11

Sailing in San Francisco on Ruby

Summiting in the Rocky Mountains

No such thing as too much fun! Lake Constanz, Germany

Proof she was there: hiking in Austria

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