On a quest to find my next adventure that mixed geekiness, rewards and fun, I found chocolate. In 2015 I took Ecole Chocolat ‘Master Chocolate Makers’ course and have been creating unique chocolate ever since!

Who is a chocolate maker? It means I take cacao beans and work the whole magic process to make a delicious, exclusive chocolate experience. The geekiness is simply the science in chocolate making. Experimenting with the roast, cacao butter blend, amount of sweetness or flavor to add in. The reward? Well, do I really have to answer that one? I do make my chocolate and eat it too. It’s also a reward to know I make chocolate that people simply love :). And the fun? Well, how could chocolate not be fun? It’s messy and that’s just a bonus.

Ecole Chocolat Certified Chocolate Maker

All my gourmet chocolate is super dark, to showcase the actual chocolate. The lowest percentage I’ve made is 82% in a bean blend. My most popular¬†bar to date is a 91% bar ¬†from Bolivian beans. If you haven’t tried a truly dark, organic and utterly smooth chocolate, this one is a life changer! Don’t take my word for it, stop by my chocolate workshop for a taste.


Other cacao beans I work with are from Peru, Belize, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


During the summer months, I’m happy to ship to you, just know it’s expensive and we’ll work to ship overnight so the chocolate arrives in its best form.

Feel free to stop by my chocolate lab for a tasting!

Happy chocolate making,