As 2018 comes to a close, the busy season for chocolate begins! Bars of chocolate are practically growing wings and flying off, they’re disappearing as fast as I can mold them. Here’s the selection as of today, December 10th: Dominican Republic Eden “O” Organic— This is the last of my bag o’ tricks. If you… Read More

I have a dirty little secret. But I’m about to let you in on my secret. Why? Because I think you ought to join me! It’s a mostly dirty, definitely fun and best done with friends. First of all, get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about mushrooms! And the fantastically fun foray… Read More

Since coming home to Colorado, I’ve been really active working on my Private Pilots License. I try to fly twice a week, but it can be difficult to schedule a nanny, the plane, my instructor and the weather. It was difficult to book to fly in Washington because of the rain. Here in Colorado, it’s… Read More

Our family is learning to fly. Well, two of the three. The third is still learning to run and talk, but he’ll earn his wings soon enough! How the passion began… I luckily was exposed to flying small planes when I was young. Dad flew and had a share in a Piper at Centennial Airport… Read More

I’ve been an athlete for most of my life. I was the typical American youth: played soccer, softball and basketball before I was 8. But since then, I don’t think I’ve played a sport with a ball. I leaned toward sports that were self competitive. That is, I strived for a better score, and that… Read More

The old saying goes, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself.’ And this weeks challenge #2 is: Save money by doing it myself. I figure I might learn a new trick and if I think of new tasks as adventures, it could even turn out to be fun! I’m not sure that trying… Read More

  pack rat noun 1. Also called trade rat, wood rat. a large, bushy-tailed rodent,Neotoma cinerea,  of North America, noted for carrying off smallarticles to store in its nest. 2. Informal. a person who saves things that are not needed or used, but that may have personal or other value.… Read More