It’s official! I earned my Private Pilot Certificate on the 14th of September, 2013. The exam was a wonderful experience, because I felt I was really showing what I know, and didn’t feel intimidated that Mr. Examiner was just digging to find my faults (as I sometimes hear happens). My instructor Brian Barnett really had… Read More

There’s a joke of a goal in learning to fly. When you fly your first trip away from your home airport, you stop for lunch. With the cost of aviation fuel, plane time and your instructor, it’s called the Hundred Dollar Burger. And you wouldn’t believe how excited I was to finally buy an outrageously… Read More

As a Three-Day Eventer, I competed in three disciplines combined together. Dressage: Cross-country: Stadium jumping: Most everyone’s favorite is Cross country or XC. And why not? It is the most thrilling part of the sport. Jumping over truck beds, leaping into water obstacles and galloping over beautiful fields. Some days I miss the adrenaline rush… Read More

Oh my gosh, soloing is like nothing else on Earth! This morning I arrived at Aspen Flying Club at 5:30am as the sun was rising. It was a beautiful morning to fly. My regular plane, 9DD, has been in maintenance, so I flew yet another new 172S to me, 537SP. She doesn’t have quite the… Read More