Start Up to large corporate teams and entrepreneurial work. 

    Second Language: German

    Private Pilot 

    Travel writing, blogging, podcasts, social media outlets, wiki markup, CRM savvy

    Wilderness First Responder

    Travel guide in cycling, rafting, horse riding, fly-fishing, wine tasting


 BLUE SKY FARM                                                                        1997-current

    International equestrian coach and athlete

Manage competition budget; purchases and sales contracts. Organize competition schedules and deadlines, local to Olympic goals. Coaching: beginners to international talent. Design marketing, promotion, social media projects (website, adverts). Competitors spokesperson and representative. 20+ year experience with managing farms, training facilities, employees, contracts, clients and emergency medical situations (vet).

DEPICTION                                                                                    2011-2012

    VP Marketing and Sales

Leadership role directing grassroots growth of software user base in emergency planning community. Marketing, social media, website design, and company rebranding responsibilities. Report to CEO. Public speaking and media engagements. Video demos to prospective clients and customer upgrades.


MAPQUEST                                                                                  2010- 2011

     Program Manager- Open Initiative 

    $1M fund manager

    Focus on Developer services: APIs, SDKs, Open Data, tools, B2B and MQOpen. Grow Dev engagement of MQ biz products. Develop strategic market plans for each tool. Event planning. Creative promotional campaigns, coordinate  with PR team, biz dev, and sales. Create internal message to understand key benefits of new/open source products. Organize mapping events, presentations and training. Social evangelist: presentations, conferences, webinars, training sessions and more. Design team of education, business, social and engineer programs. Develop metrics. Deliver webinars, meet-ups, and events (15-80 people). R&D. Media contact. Website manager.


CLOUDMADE                                                                                2008- 2009

Community Ambassador. Develop and refine corporate messaging and positioning of products/services . Manage and create news pipeline, using traditional, social and on-line tools. Create press releases, press kit documents and corporate presentations. ‘Think tank’ for new and unusual ways to capture attention. Regional liaison with reporters across consumer, business, trade & vertical press. Coordinate speaking engagements at key conferences.Manage events (multi-day, +20 people) . Support other communications and marketing programs as necessary 


University of Colorado at Boulder 

        Bachelor of Arts – Communication, August 2002 

Ecole Chocolat- Master Chocolate Maker, 2015



    United States (49)

    Western Europe 

    Central Europe