As 2018 comes to a close, the busy season for chocolate begins! Bars of chocolate are practically growing wings and flying off, they’re disappearing as fast as I can mold them. Here’s the selection as of today, December 10th:

Dominican Republic

Eden “O” Organic— This is the last of my bag o’ tricks. If you have had it before, get it now and savor the last of this Orgasmically delicious bar! If you haven’t tried this one, it’s one for the record books. I will have different levels of dark: currently I’ve made 93% and from there I’ll move to around 87% and maybe 84%.

Tasting notes: I find this chocolate forward with cherry, dark bing cherry. There’s a great balance of  tangy fruit with earthy cacao through the middle. A long coaching time lends the chocolate to be mild in acidic  taste and wonderfully orgasmic in the finish. A bright and balanced chocolate.


Direct Trade 2017— Another very ‘fruity’ chocolate (but no fruit added).  But this is more of a rich, dried fruit flavor. Reminds me of figs and dates. There’s a slight hint of vanilla on the nose. It is a complex chocolate with a variety of flavors popping through for a delightful experience.

How to Buy–

I create chocolate bars under the Colorado Cottage Food Law. This means I can sell to anyone within Colorado. Please email me or call with an order! I can ship easily in the Winter or you can pick up.

Bar sizes– Packaging and pricing varies on where I source beans from. All the cacao I work with is organic, mostly direct trade, and ‘fine’ beans. “Fine” is a technical term in the chocolate word to describe the type of bean. This makes them exclusive, decadent and well, more expensive than the beans used for Hershey’s.

Small bar: $5

Medium bar: $9

Large bar: $15

I also have bite-size samples for $1