I have a dirty little secret. But I’m about to let you in on my secret. Why? Because I think you ought to join me! It’s a mostly dirty, definitely fun and best done with friends. First of all, get your mind out of the gutter!

I’m talking about mushrooms! And the fantastically fun foray (or hunt) for them. I have fallen in love with those dirt dwelling, very mysterious, mostly hiding in plain sight, very tasty (well, the right ones anyway) little amazing mushrooms. IMG_0349

So without delay, I’m posting a few photos of my fun over the last four months. I’ve found Shaggy Manes (yummy!) and several other non-edibles just in my own yard. Well, you probably could eat the others… but I will stick to what my guide books suggest on what to eat. For example, I’ve got a plethora of Alcohol Inky Caps. But they were used in Alcohol abuse cases to get folks to stop drinking. This is because if you eat an ‘Inky’ and drink within 48 hours (before or after!) you might end up puking your guts up. Oh, I’m being light hearted about the consequences, but I’ll leave the details to the pros. I think you get my drift. IMG_4500

Now that we live in Durango, mushroom hunting is even more prolific. Last year I found bounties of chanterelles, porcini, hawks wing and more! I keep hoping for rain for this years mushroom season. If you ever want to get out in the mountains and hunt, let me know! IMG_2228