It’s official! I earned my Private Pilot Certificate on the 14th of September, 2013.

The exam was a wonderful experience, because I felt I was really showing what I know, and didn’t feel intimidated that Mr. Examiner was just digging to find my faults (as I sometimes hear happens). My instructor Brian Barnett really had me prepared 🙂 True, I didn’t answer everything perfectly in the oral exam, but I was still confident that I should earn the right to be a pilot and pushed on.

During our flight, I felt I really nailed my moves. We were actually having fun! During the instrument testing, when I was wearing the eye blind, I could hear jets approaching. I was allowed to take a peek at three F-16 buzzing across my Cessna 172 nose!


Upon returning to KAPA and showing three good landings: short field, no flaps and ‘quick your engine failed, turn now!’, I parked 269DD and didn’t even have to wait for a dramatic answer. I was a pilot! Woo hoo! Brian cut the tail of my shirt off, it is the honorary way to be inducted in to the ‘club’, and I walked away on cloud nine.

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Since having the freedom to fly where and when I want, I’ve taken my dad (who was a pilot as well!) to lunch in Pueblo and my husband (pilot in training!) and I flew up to Cheyenne for a bite to eat as well. It is really nice to share the experience with educated co-pilots!

Dad as my co-pilot

Dad as my co-pilot