There’s a joke of a goal in learning to fly. When you fly your first trip away from your home airport, you stop for lunch. With the cost of aviation fuel, plane time and your instructor, it’s called the Hundred Dollar Burger. And you wouldn’t believe how excited I was to finally buy an outrageously expensive meal!


Well, it’s about time we updated the figures. My flight was an early morning one, to the booming metropolis of Pueblo, Colorado. It was about 45 minutes one way, and we chose the airport because the restaurant has good reviews. Also, not all small airports have dining amenities. So Brian, my CFI, and I found ourselves in KPUB for breakfast.

The prices on the menu at The Spitfire Grill were so cheap, it felt like I’d flown back in time to the 1980’s. I ordered Huevos Rancheros ($6) and Brian got the Chicken Fried Steak with gravy ($7). Coffee: $1. Side of bacon: $1. The total for breakfast was under $20. When was the last time you paid less than $20 to go out to eat for two?

To top it off: I’d recommend the place! That is, if you find yourself at the Pueblo Municipal Airport. It was tasty, though perhaps part of the reason was the side order of “accomplishment” that tasted good too.


Ample parking at KPUB

The bigger bonus of flying your own plane. No TSA! Ha! There was a security check point at the airport (even though it was smaller than Centennial) but we don’t have to go through security! Yay!