I’ve been an athlete for most of my life. I was the typical American youth: played soccer, softball and basketball before I was 8. But since then, I don’t think I’ve played a sport with a ball. I leaned toward sports that were self competitive. That is, I strived for a better score, and that score was either better than everyone else or not. I grew up figure skating, dedicating my early (real early) AM hours to the ice until I was 16. By then, driving myself to the rink at 3:30am wasn’t appealing.

Hurricane Eventing 004Around 12 years old, horse riding took precedence, which turned into a profession for well over 15 years. And woven in between was skiing (mandatory for kids over 2 in Colorado wintertime), weight lifting, speed skating, rowing, hang gliding, rafting, hiking, cycling (mountain and road), swimming, and I even tried a triathlon for good measure. Did I forget anything? All of these were very competitive.

Being a mom has put a bit of a crunch on being a serious athlete again. I know there are ladies out there that do it. Kudos to them! But in all honesty, I don’t want to be competitive, or that serious again. It’s stressful, albeit fun, but I just feel like I’ve ‘been there, done that’ and I don’t need to prove anything. I really just want to go outside, relax and have fun.

For example, I still own my road bike and mountain bike. But I don’t race anymore. Instead, I have the baby-mobile hitched up to either bike as we ride into town to get groceries or story time at the library. I think my Bianchi is insulted.


So I thought about golf. This is going to be a slow, non-competitive sport that I can enjoy with friends and maybe even a beer at the same time. Right? Hey, what’s not to love? Or… am I really talking about golf? One of the most lucrative sports today, if you’re really good, competitive and have lots of endorsements. I’m hoping that I can make golf what I want it to be. Though I tried this with rowing and ended up really competitive. With rowing, I just thought it’d be a nice way to get out on the river. And then I wanted to just ‘see’ what a regatta was like…

With Golf, (and why don’t I capitalize it?) I found a ‘Get Golf Ready‘ program at Bear Dance Golf Club in Larkspur, Colorado. It’s five days, five lessons with free club rentals for $99.  I think this is a great way to get to know several aspects of the game. I’m pretty much starting from ground zero. I’ve hit balls at the driving range a few times with friends, but nothing serious. And last week I took my first lesson at Spring Valley Golf Course. I really enjoyed getting some basics started about my swing (it’s all about the swing, right?). But watching folks out on the course, that’s what it’s all about. I am craving to walk (not drive) the 9 or 18 holes.

So my goal? Complete the Get Golf Ready program and play through my first game in early July. I don’t own any clubs, yet. Though as I sell idle assets, perhaps I’ll make that investment in time.

More to come , as I’ll write as I work through learning golf!