The old saying goes, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself.’

And this weeks challenge #2 is: Save money by doing it myself.
I figure I might learn a new trick and if I think of new tasks as adventures, it could even turn out to be fun!

I’m not sure that trying to do things yourself is always a good idea. My dad says, if someone is charging $6,000 to do X, then it’s probably worth the price. I generally take my dads advice. Fortunately, this challenge isn’t as costly. I’m just looking to get a pair of jeans hemmed.

Searching around my town, there are two shops that offer hemming. Both quoted $40 to shorten a pair of jeans. That’s 95% of what I paid for them, so I’m looking for other options…

CC by …love Meagan

I can sew. Well, I’d like to think so after having for over a decade, but those skirts were simple designs and repetitive. How about taking a stab at designer jeans that are too long? And speaking of inseams, why they heck would a pair of jeans come in 36″? You’d have to be 6’6″. I top the chart at 5’7″, average height, and need to shorten a pair of J Brand Bell Bottom jeans I’ve had my eye on for over a year. At retail, they’re an easy $217 a pair. Sorry, I might have the cash to drop on that, but not with a sound mind would I dream of spending that kinda money on jeans. That’s what I call getting swindled by bizzzness. (who says that? good rap song.)

Sooo, I bid on ebay. I sell my old clothes I don’t wear anymore for these swag jean (I know, I know, not everyone wants high waist bell bottoms, but I am that market.)

So there we have it; my fashion craving fulfilled, practically for free. But what to do about the silly length? Platform wedge shoes? Check. That helps with 2.5″. I still need to take a good 2″ off. So the dilemma is, do I spend $40 bucks at a tailor to hem them, or take a chance that I can sew in a straight line and do it myself?

Challenge #2 is Do It Yourself. And I did! After getting over the fear of ruining the jeans, I pulled out my sewing machine, matched up the best color thread and set to hemming myself. It’s not beautiful, but it doesn’t look horrid either. Most important: I can walk without tripping and I can live with the way it looks. I also saved myself $40 that can go towards something else 🙂